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How to get started?

 If you want the Pensions Ombudsman to investigate:

  • Put your complaint through the Internal Disputes Resolution (IDR) Procedure as explained in the previous section.
  • Check that your complaint or dispute is one that he can investigate and that you are eligible to complain
  • If so, write to him explaining your complaint or dispute and saying what you think the persons responsible for the management of the pension scheme should do to put matters right. There is a standard form, approved by the Minister for Social and Family Affairs, which you must use.
  • Enclose all relevant documents and correspondence (copies will do) including any correspondence with your pension scheme or employer or administrator.
  • Complaints may be sent by post or fax.
  • Complaints by telephone cannot be accepted.
  • There is no charge for referring a complaint/dispute to the Pensions Ombudsman. If, however, you engage a professional person to make the complaint/dispute on your behalf, you must pay any fees charged by them. Any such fees will not be reimbursed by the Pensions Ombudsman regardless of the outcome of your complaint/dispute.
  • If you require any assistance with the completion of the complaint form, our staff will be pleased to help. You can contact us at (01) 676 6002 or email us.