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Guide to Disputes Resolution Procedures

The Pension Ombudsman Regulations, 2003 (SI 397 of 2003) require that all occupational pension scheme trustees and PRSA providers put in place procedures for dealing with complaints and disputes that come under the jurisdiction of the Pensions Ombudsman. These regulations took effect on 2 September 2003.
The regulations do not prescribe in detail the requirements for such a procedure. It is therefore left to pension scheme trustees and PRSA providers to determine the details of their own internal disputes resolution (IDR) procedure. However, PRSA providers are required to submit the details of their procedures for dealing with complaints and disputes, as part of the approval process, when they are submitting their products to the Pensions Board and to the Revenue Commissioners.
The purpose of this booklet is to give some guidance to the trustees and administrators of Occupational Pension Schemes on the requirements of the regulations and on appropriate structures for the internal resolution of complaints or disputes.

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