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Mission of the Pensions Ombudsman

The Office of the Pensions Ombudsman serves as an independent and impartial agency to which citizens can seek resolution of their pension complaints and air their grievances about pensions. By facilitating communications between citizens and pension providers and making recommendations to improve administrative practices and procedures, the Ombudsman can help to promote responsiveness and quality in the administration of pensions.

The Ombudsman has authority to investigate complaints about occupational pension schemes, PRSA and Trust RACs.  The Ombudsman attempts to resolve many problems informally.  Following an investigation, the Pensions Ombudsman may make a Determination, which may include recommendations.

Office of the Pensions Ombudsman
Customer Charter 


Our mission: to investigate and decide, in an independent and impartial manner, on complaints and disputes concerning occupational pension schemes, Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs) and Trust RACs, involving maladministration and financial loss, and to grant redress where appropriate.

We Are Committed to:

  • a high quality customer service
  • an efficient and courteous manner
  • to meet the standards of Quality Customer Service as approved by the Government.
  • to measure and evaluate our performance against these standards
  • to report on our performance in our Annual Report, available on our website.
  • to report on our performance in our Annual Report, available on our website in both the Irish and English languages.
  • to deliver a timely and cost effective service.

Contact by Telephone

  • You can telephone us Monday to Friday from 9.15am to 12.45pm and 2pm to 5pm.  Outside of these hours messages may be left on our voicemail.
  • Messages left on our telephone lines will be answered as soon as possible.
  • If you contact us by telephone we will:
    • answer your call as promptly as possible;
    • give our name and our area of work when we answer your call;
    • be courteous and helpful to you at all times;
    • answer your query in full; if we cannot do so immediately, we will take your details and call you back as soon as possible;
    • respond to all voicemail messages promptly.

Written Correspondence
Letters, faxes or e-mails will:

• be acknowledged within two working days;
• be replied to if possible in full within 20 working days. If this is not possible, we will keep you informed of progress .We will include a contact name and other contact details (ref. no. telephone, fax, email) when replying.

Complaints to the Pensions Ombudsman
If you are making a formal complaint to the Pensions Ombudsman we will:

  • acknowledge receipt within two working days;
  • process it as quickly as possible, bearing in mind that some complaints can involve several complex issues;
  • review the file regularly to minimise delays;
  • keep you informed of progress and advise you of any unavoidable delays.
  • inform you as promptly as possible and as clearly as possible of the outcome of the investigation.

Visitors to the Office

If you visit us in person we will:

  • treat you with courtesy and respect your privacy;
  • meet you at the agreed time if you have an appointment;
  • provide appropriate facilities for meetings;
  • keep our public offices clean and tidy, ensuring that they meet health and safety standards. 

Service through Irish

We will:

  • make every effort to accommodate those who wish to conduct their business with us through Irish.
  • answer in Irish correspondence received in Irish.
  • publish simultaneously in Irish and English key documents such as our Strategy Statements and Annual Reports.
  • publish information leaflets in both Irish and English.
  • ensure that the Irish version of our website mirrors as far as practicable the English version.
  • meet our commitments under the Official Languages Act 2003.

Equality / Diversity / Disabled Access

  • Our service will uphold customers’ rights to equal treatment established by equality legislation.
  • We will aim to ensure as far as practicable that our services and facilities are accessible to everyone, including those with special needs. 

Complaints about our service

  • We are happy to address complaints from clients who are dissatisfied with the quality of services or their delivery
  • A complaint should be made in the first instance to the person that you are dealing with in the Office. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive and wish to make a formal written complaint you can write to the Director, Office of the Pensions Ombudsman, 36 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2;
  • We will acknowledge your complaint within 2 working days and try to provide a full reply within 10 working days. If we cannot do this we will explain why, and when we expect to be able to issue a reply;
  • If you remain unhappy about our service you can address a complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman of Ireland, 18 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We will:

  • measure and evaluate our performance against the commitments in our Charter.
  • report on our performance in our Annual Report, which will be available on our website.

Consultation and Feedback

  • We welcome your comments and suggestions on this Charter and on how we can improve our service in the future.
  • If you would like to comment or make a suggestion please write to the Director or e-mail to

Where to Get More Information

This Charter is available in electronic format on our website, where details regarding our services, policies, publications and contact information are also available.

Customer Tips

How you can help us to help you:

  • Have as much information as possible before making contact with us
  • Having answers to the following questions may assist you to help us:
    • What type of scheme do you belong to?
    • What is the name of the scheme and the date you joined and the date you left, if applicable?
    • Have you tried to resolve the problem through contact wtih your Personnel Department/ Employer/Trustees/PRSA provider?
    • Were you in other schemes and do you have the details/dates?
    • Have you checked our leaflet “What can the Pensions Ombudsman do for you?” available on our website, along with other leaflets?

Where to find us:
Office of the Pensions Ombudsman, 36 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2.
Office Hours: 9.15am to 12.45pm and 2pm to 5pm.
Telephone Number: (01) 6471650
Fax: (01) 6769577
August, 2013