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14 Feb 06: Ombudsman launches Information Leaflet for Construction Workers

Ombudsman launches Information Leaflet for Construction Workers
Tuesday, 14 February 2006: The Pensions Ombudsman, today, followed up on his warning that up to 130,000 construction workers may not be covered for pension, life assurance and sick-pay benefits by arranging for the distribution of information leaflets in three different languages. The leaflets are aimed at getting construction workers to ask questions about their own pension coverage and pointing them in the right direction to get further information.
“I hope that this information leaflet will assist construction workers in asking questions for themselves” said Mr. Kenny. “I think it is important that we empower workers to question whether or not they are in the construction industry pension scheme, or indeed whether or not they should be, and provide them with details on how to get further information”.
The leaflets are available in English, Polish and Russian and will be distributed in conjunction with the Construction Monitoring Agency, (CIMA) and the relevant trade unions.
Mr. Kenny noted that the policing of compliance of the Registered Employment Agreement in the construction sector is quite complicated with a wide ranging number of bodies involved. “Achieving fundamental change will take time,” acknowledged Mr. Kenny. “However, we can all take some simple steps and arranging for basic information to be more generally available is a start. I hope these leaflets and the introduction of the new website by the Construction Monitoring Agency will be of benefit to those workers who are being illegally deprived of their pension, life assurance and sick-pay benefits.”
Copies of the Information Leaflets are available at
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The Pensions Ombudsman investigates complaints that allege maladministration leading to financial loss by those responsible for the management of an occupational pension scheme or PRSA. The complaint may be against trustees, managers, employers, former employers and administrators (including PRSA Providers). The Pensions Ombudsman can also investigate disputes of fact or law relating to occupational pension schemes or PRSAs.
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