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25 August 2011 - Statement from the Pensions Ombudsman



Statement of the Pensions Ombudsman, 25 August 2011

An article in today’s edition of IRN (Industrial Relations News) contains extensive information and quotations from a Determination made by this Office.  The Pensions Ombudsman wishes to make it clear that it is not his practice to release Determinations to the public domain, but that the Office takes all possible precautions to preserve the anonymity of complainants and, where it is feasible, that of respondents to complaints.  However, if those involved in a complaint case wish to make the details known, we have no control over that.

The Ombudsman also wishes to make it clear that every complaint is decided only on the basis of its own facts, and these are likely to differ in details from one case to another, so it would be unwise to infer from the published facts of any case that another, apparently similar, case will necessarily be decided in an identical fashion.