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Digest of Cases 2007

In presenting this Digest of Cases, I have decided to depart slightly from the pattern of previous Digests. I have decided to present together cases involving formal Determinations which I have made and cases which were resolved as a result of mediation or intervention.Not every complaint has to go to determination, and early intervention can sometimeshelp to prevent the escalation of a difficulty. The details of the 28 cases given in this edition are in general somewhat briefer than those contained in previous Digests. The main purpose of the Digest is to give those involved in administering pension schemes and PRSAs an indication of the kinds of problemrepresented by the complaints made to my Office, in the hope that they can learn from determinations made or compromises reached in the resolution of these problems; and to give the public at large a picture of what we do. Recognising that many complaints are generic in their nature, in that the same old problems tend to crop up again and again, my Office is always pleased to discuss in principle the factors involved in any particular case, provided that that does not breach confidentiality or endanger privacy. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to View/Download/Print these files.  A free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from the Adobe website - NOTE: It may take some time for the Adobe Reader to download.  
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